younique logoYour look is all your own, and no one understands the importance of individual style like Younique, one of the industries’ newest direct sales companies. With a blockbuster lineup of gorgeous cosmetics and mineral makeup, this brilliantly-hued beauty icon has been the talk of the direct sales sphere, making waves despite a robustly-populated cosmetics market.

Founded in late 2012 by brother and sister team Melanie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield, Younique’s dedicated team of “presenters” are now in 20 states nationwide and the company has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years.

As a Younique presenter, you’ll be able to earn 20% to 30% commissions on product sales in addition to any team commissions earned through your personal team of representatives.

The wide range of high end cosmetics offered by Younique means that there’s a product for every beauty fan’s budget. Their richly-hued mineral eyeshadows start at only $10, while their brilliant daily moisturizing gel is available for $39. Specialty sets, which offer a collection of compatible items, range anywhere from $35 to $119 for the Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss ten pack.

What makes YOU unique? Find your personal sense of style with Younique, an innovative direct sales company that’s set the world of beauty buzz ablaze with color.