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tupperware_logo_960x540For over 60 years, Tupperware has been empowering women.

Tupperware is sold through a ‘party’ environment with compensation for the party hosts. The core distrbution method of Tupperware is through independent consultants who offer the products through parties. The Tupperware host can then earn rewards toward future Tupperware purchases or cash incentives.

Tupperware consultants run the Tupperware party and it’s the host who invites their friends, neighbors into their home to experience the Tupperware party and introduction to the Tupperware product line. The Tupperware host is then rewarded with free products. The amount of the reward to the host varies depending on the volume of total sales generated at the party. Tupperware parties were first pioneered by Tupperware’s founder,

Throughout the world, Tupperware’s sales force is structured in a multiple level structure with Tupperware consultants at the bottom, managers and star manager over them, directors and executive directors at the top level. However, unlike most multiple level plans, all Tupperware directors and higher still remain consultants. However, lately, Tupperware has removed their bulk distibutorship program in the U.S. This move creates a more fair and level playing field for all consultants since it prevents any one consultant from overpowering the market by selling their products at hard-to-match discount prices.

It’s these types of wise decisions from the executive management at Tupperware that allows Tupperware to continue as an active brand with active participants who have good reason get excited about the Tupperware opportunity. For the consultants, the opportunity to sell Tupperware leverages their very powerful and long-running brand with a 60 year successful track record.