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Perfectly PoshHelping enrich women’s lives. That’s what Perfectly Posh is all about. Created in 2011, Perfectly Posh was founded by 4 professional with experience in creating products that people love to use and share. With over 150 products made from the best stuff on Earth, Posh is proud of each and every product that they make and everything is Made In The USA.

When you’re ready to pamper yourself, Perfectly Posh is there.

Perfectly Posh had its debut in October of 2011 as a direct sales company. It specializes in pampering yourself with decadent bath and body products as well as facial products. They have incredible products ranging from luxurious Shea slather body cream to sls-free foaming hand wash. The clever packaging and branding makes Perfectly Posh a leader in direct sales bath and body products.

Perfectly Posh is backed by an amazing group of seasoned direct sales executives. Andrew McBride, Sterling Chord, Ann Dalton and Bob Hipple are the center of this fabulous company. As a new direct sales company the growth potential is awesome. Joining Perfectly Posh will give individuals an opportunity to grow with the company and potentially have some great success. As an exciting new venture, stay at home moms or dads, high school or college kids can have the flexibility to work their business how they see fit.

In its first year they have over 1500 consultants and are growing every day. Joining on a ground-floor opportunity is the place to be in starting a new company because of the awesome excitement of the new product line and the growing number of consultants who can join your team.

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