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Miche Purses


MicheThe Miche Bag allows ultimate flexibility, changing its look to match your occasion, style or mood – you’re only limited by the amount of Miche Shells you own. Miche Bag Coupons are also available online for maximum affordability.

Miche has a simple concept: One basic bag with over 45 options of outer Miche Bag Shells that you can pick and choose from depending on the occasion, your mood or your style. It’s all up to you! Miche Bag is committed to being the most versatile purse you could possibly purchase, even extending into a range of purse straps, from long to short, from chains to solid leather.

Purses With Changeable Covers
Miche is the world only magnetic interchangeable purse with a changeable purse shell. Miche’s handbags with magnetic covers come in hundreds of styles to match your look or occasion.

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The Miche Handbag concept is brilliantly simple: You start with a base Miche Purse that comes in small or large, brown or back. Then you layer a secure interchangeable shell over it. When you change your mind or your outfit, you simply take off the old Miche Shell and layer on a new one! When you buy a Miche Shell for your bag, you’re adding on a whole extra dimension to your wardrobe without any of the fuss or muss or even closet space.


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Miche Handbags are perfect for the smart career woman or the stay-at-home mom. Any busy woman knows how tedious it is to switch the contents of one bag to another. With Miche, all you have to do is gently detach the magnetized Miche Shell, slip the new shell under and around, and voila!