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LongabergerFor over 35 years, The Longaberger company has been producing a tradition of handmade artisanship. Founder Dave Longaberger had a vision to create America’s premier maker of handcrafted baskets. These core products would the be accented with pottery, fabric items, wrought iron, pottery, and specialty foods and items.

Longaberger saw a market for these types of baskets long before anyone else did. When you purchase Longaberger items through Longaberger Consultants, you are sharing in the Longaberger story and family tradition.

The Longaberger Consultant, as well as the company’s mission statement is “To Stimulate A Better Quality Of Life.” This philosophy reflects accurately Longaberger’s commitment to the company’s founding principle “people are the key to our success.”

“We are a family-owned company with a family-friendly environment.”

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