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jordan essentialsJordan Essentials is a company that sells bath, body, and spa products. The company offers products such as soap, skin crèmes, exfoliating products, and more. This company offers a network marketing opportunity for people interested in these kinds of products. Let’s delve in deeper about the company and how their opportunity works.

Jordan Essentials was founded by Nancy Bogart and is based in Missouri. The company was started in 2000 so that means that it’s been operation for 10 years. That is a strong indicator that the business is based on a solid business plan and they sell products that people want to buy. According to the company, they currently have over 10,000 consultants (people who sell their products).

To become part of their opportunity, you will need to start by investing in their kit. You can choose from a basic kit to a deluxe kit. They also have kits that come with mineral makeup and skin care if you are interested in selling those products as well. The price to get started ranges from $89 to $150 which is not as expensive as some of the other opportunities.

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