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it-works-globalFrom the release of their first product line in 2001, It Works! Global has quickly become one of the most successful weight loss and wellness companies in the direct sales industry. The Ultimate Body Applicator has become the product of choice among many consumers; even celebrities swear by the efficacy of this product when it comes to skin tightening and body contouring. Over the years, It Works Global was able to venture from body contouring products to vitamins and supplements.

It Works Global is not only sought after for its flagship product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, but also for their selection of weight loss and nutritional supplements

It Works features a wide selection of fitness products. From weight loss products and body contouring products to anti-aging products, stretch marks and scar creams,  multivitamins, and menopausal relief supplements, they have everything you need to look and feel healthy.

It Works’ anti-aging line features an entire range of products to combat the signs of aging. From prevention to treatments, it’s easy to age gracefully. The anti-aging line features face and eye lifting creams, anti-aging facials, age repair facial cream to soften wrinkles and fine lines, and age-defying facial creams to protect the skin from harmful external elements that speed up aging.

It Works’ body contouring and skin firming line is their most popular product line. It features the Ultimate Body Applicator, which tightens and firms the body and reduces the appearance of cellulites in just 45 minutes. It also helps in improving the texture and overall appearance of the skin. It Works’ body contouring line also features the chin and neck applicator and as well as defining gel to tone and firm the facial area.

It Works’ Weight loss product line works alongside their body contouring line to keep you healthy and fit inside and out.