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BeautiControlHigh-quality BeautiControl® products are researched and developed by the BeautiControl Research Institute to bring you the latest technological advances and the best products in the marketplace. BeautiControl skin care and spa treatments are in-demand, and on-trend. All of our products are pH balanced. We do dermatology, sensitivity and allergy testing on all our products, eye product testing, and no animal testing.

Beauty treatments are all the rage for a mother’s day spa package and spa treatment. There is a new cosmetic procedure that you can get with a free spa gift card. It’s called BeautiControl. This new surgery alternative uses restylane, thermage, silver creek sportsplex and is a more effective alternative to botox® cosmetic. Some say that beauty has its rewards and those who prefer salon treatments using alternatives like Restylane experience restylane rewards. Beauticontrol features a non surgical skin product that lifts and pulls your skin without invasive surgery and leaves you with a younger looking face.

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