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Avon, Inc.


AvonThere is only one company that can claim they are the world’s biggest direct-sales company. That’s Avon. With over 5 million consultants worldwide, it’s no wonder why Avon is the world leader in anti-aging skincare, cosmetics, and designer fragrances.

With sales exceeding $8 billion, Avon consistently appears in Fortune magazine as a leading company, innovator, and marketing machine.

Avon empowers women, and men, with some of the most advanced marketing and sales tools available. Whether an Avon representative wants to start a business with person-to-person communication, or wants to market their business with the Internet for an eCommerce model, Avon’s business models help their representatives succeed.

Avon started over 120 years ago as a perfume company. The founder realized that sales improved if the products were brought directly to the consumer rather than a traditional store approach where the consumer would shop at the store. Avon discovered that selling direct to the customer, in their homes, was extremely effective. Avon brought women an opportunity that didn’t exist anywhere else: the chance for a woman to easily start their own business. To give you an idea how powerful that was, it would be another 35 years after Avon was founded before women were even allowed to vote. Learn more about Avon by choosing one of our featured consultants below.

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